Contest's Context

The Breitachklammverein eG (initiator of the competition) works across borders, because the river Breitach rises on Austrian soil and soon flows across the border to Germany. The gorge, which has been formed by water thousands of years ago, was opened to the public by the Tourism Cooperative as early as 1904. The Breitachklamm was thus the first tourist attraction in the Allgäu/Kleinwalsertal region and still is a pull factor for tourists today.
Every year more than 300,000 people visit the gorge with its wonderfully raging mountain river where you can hike alongside. At the upper entrance on the Austrian side there is the property "Walserschanz". Originally built as a border house with a barrier between the two countries, it served as a border guesthouse and hotel for many years until 2013. The building itself has three further floors in addition to the cellar (basement: cellar, ground floor: restaurant with ballroom, 1st floor: hotel room, 2nd floor: hotel room). The floor area of one floor is approx. 600 m². In addition, the Walserschanz (divided into parking north and south) has a total of 120 parking spaces. The area has the following coordinates: 47°23'13.5 "N 10°13'46.3 "E.

The Walserschanz is also the first building when you drive into the Kleinwalsertal. The Kleinwalsertal as an Austrian enclave can only be reached via this access road.
The aim of the project is to find a reasonable, sustainable and economic use cases for the property.
Both the Allgäu and the Kleinwalsertal are touristically shaped.


Breitachklammverein eG has acquired the Walserschanz property including the surrounding parking spaces in 2016 and would now like to use the property as an entrance area to the Breitachklamm. In addition, this area serves as an entrance tp Kleinwalsertal and thus shall be transformed accordingly and in a representative manner.
The Walserschanz shall therefore fit and supplement both the natural experience of Breitachklamm and the tourism resort of Kleinwalsertal (tourist resort). The history of the Breitachklamm as well as the history of the history of the Walserschanz website.
You are completely free to rethink the building and area, no matter if your for instance want to renovate, or completly deconstruct it. The house is not listed.

Evaluation criteria

The community can evaluate the ideas on the basis of:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Relevance
  • Feasbility

Your creativity and originality are utmost important for us. The economic viability and sustainability are of secondary importance and should be taken into account.

The experts will evaluate the ideas on the basis of:

  • Creativity
  • Market attractiveness
  • Elaboration of ideas
  • Relevance
  • Feasibility
  • Wow-Effect

The experts will additionally take the degree of completion into account and will particularly assess the feasibility in the context of the regional fit, fit with the Beitachklamm and economical presentation.


The first three winners will be awared with:

1st place: €1,500

2nd place: €500

3rd place: €300

These prizes can optionally be paid out cash, in form of a participation in a workshop of equal value or as a donation to an institution of your choice.

Fruthermore, every holistic concept that convinces the jury will be rewarded with 5 tickets to enter the Breitachklamm and a voucher for snacks to enjoy the natural spectacle of the Breitachklamm.